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Using Claimspace significantly reduces costs, delays and complaints compared to the traditional claims process – and it’s completely affordable.

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Pricing overview*


Low cost platform access

We charge just £12.50 per case for both insurers and lawyers.


Supported negotiation liability not admitted

If the case enters Claimspace at the supported negotiations stage, we charge just £45.


Affordable Dispute Settlement

In cases that go immediately to an arbitrator to settle a quantum dispute, we charge a fee according to the value of the claim. For a £3,000 claim, we charge £220, which is significantly lower than the cost of going to a court hearing.

*All prices are exclusive of VAT. Platform and arbitration costs form part of recoverable costs in successful cases.

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Cost-saving benefits

• Lower claims processing costs and improved data collection
• Lower dispute resolution costs for disputed claims compared to traditional litigation model
• Planned on-platform services at lower than market cost, including medical, rehabilitation, fraud screening and telematics analyses
• Significantly faster settlement times
• Fixed recoverable costs to Claimant lawyer maintained in full
• Disputed cases resolved online by experienced arbitrators without traditional court delays

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